TDR President’s Statement to the TSBDE
November 2010 Meeting

Over four years ago, after seeing what bad multiple offending dentists and dishonest board members can do to patients lives------ I read to you this statement:

The Dental Board’s mission is to “protect the public from harm” and the dental profession’s mission is to “protect the health and well being of the public and to do no harm.” In Texas, these two directions or objectives do not appear to coincide.

At that time I said : We believe there is something seriously wrong with the Texas Dental Board and their lack of action and unethical conduct that has become a threat to the public health and is destroying the public’s opinion of our profession. And Texans or Dental Reform suggested a proposal called Fair and Firm because we did not want to come here with only complaints but maybe methods for resolution.

Since those four years you have adopted some of those suggestions and things are changing , now before each meeting your president reminds each board member the duty to protect the public. But since that time, we have seen a WREV board member, your board elected make expert witness again that was not true nor scientific, and protected below the standard of care dentistry. But you still continue to say it will not happen again. You are protecting bad players with your buddies. This WREV board member should be censured immediately.

Second, You said you would provide the public with access via Internet to disciplinary actions and what the offense was but you needed a better and more expensive computer system. Mrs Meeks, you said at the last Sunset commission’s report we have to do better but you have not . Since that time, in August of 2009 you said the computer system would be up in 90 days and the public would be informed, but not true. Then in August of 2010, you said again in 90 days and still not true.

Look at this comparison of the Texas state dental board and Texas state medical board in the last 4 years. The medical board has got its act together since the hearings. The public can identify the complaint, the order, the and the action taken by the medical board against the offending physician. But here is an offending dentist with multiple offenses over years and all the public gets is Disciplinary actions - YES. You are hiding the complete picture of the repeat offender to the public. We have had different individuals send to the dental board for disciplinary actions on numerous offending dentists with variations in the amount of reply time. How can a patient make timely and informed decisions on selecting a reputable dentist or if a referral is safe when the dental board has no precise and predictable method of informing the public. And wouldn’t each of you board members want your family members to know about some of these egregious and repetitive offenders...... since you do.